Letter to The Independent: FOREST misrepresents the scientific case on passive smoking

Thursday 30 September 1999
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Action on Smoking
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30th September 1999

Dear Editor

FOREST, as always, misrepresents the scientific case on passive smoking (Right of Reply, Simon Clark, 30th September).

The World Health Organisation study mentioned showed a 16-17% increase in the risk of lung cancer for non-smokers exposed to passive smoking, but because of the sample size it was not possible to conclude that this study, in isolation, proved the link with 95% confidence – the confidence was 80%. When all the evidence is considered, the link is established beyond any reasonable doubt.

The WHO, in common with all other legitimate health and medical organisations, accepts that passive smoking causes lung cancer, as well as heart disease and stroke. The only people in denial are the tobacco industry and those paid by the tobacco industry.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Rimmer
Workplace Specialist


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