Letter to Pub Business about FOREST’s agressive pro-smoking business cards

Thursday 20 May 1999
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Action on Smoking
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20th May 1999

Dear Editor

Re: FOREST’s cards

FOREST’s new business card allowingsmokers to tell pub owners that “your ban on smoking gets right up my nose” is aclumsy and divisive initiative that will benefit no-one.  It is aimed, apparently, atplaces where there is a total ban on smoking.  Such places are still few and farbetween, and many pubs and restaurants are only now taking the first steps to providingrelatively smoke-free environments for non-smokers (and for their employees).  Makingdecent provision for the 70 per cent non-smoking majority is good business sense andno-one should be put off by threats from the pro-smoking lobby.  The right approachto smoking is the subject of a great deal of careful thought both inside and outside thehospitality industry, but on the evidence of its new card, FOREST has little useful tocontribute to this debate.

FOREST’s stance reflects the attitudes ofa tiny minority of self-righteous and belligerent smokers.  Most smokers accept andrespect the rights of non-smokers and understand why restaurants or pubs may wish to limitsmoking.  Smokers, like non-smokers, want to know where they stand, and when andwhere they can smoke.

Yours sincerely,

Clive Bates

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