Health Green Paper – sound philosophy must translate into action & money

Thursday 05 February 1998

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Press release05 February 1998 ASH
Action on Smoking
and Health

Health Green Paper – sound philosophy must translate to concrete action and money

ASH welcomed the new philosophical approach to health outlined in theGreen Paper. It is obvious that it is better to deal with causes of illness and healthinequalities than to spend billions trying to undo unnecessary damage.

Clive Bates, Director of ASH said:

“These are great ideas, but they give us no clues to understanding how seriouslythis agenda will be taken by the Government. The Tories had impressive-sounding targetsand aims but delivered next to nothing. We will judge the commitment to public health bythe 17th March Budget and the concrete measures in the June tobacco White Paper.”

For the anti-tobacco lobby there are two tests of the Government’s commitment.

First, will the Chancellor accept the economic logic of the Green Paper in his budgeton March 17th and commit resources to the policy or is it just wishful thinking by FrankDobson and Tessa Jowell.

Second, the general approach makes perfect sense, but generalities will not save lives.We are expecting the first real flesh on the bones of the Green Paper to be the tobaccopolicy that will come out as a White Paper in June. Will this be a tough, meaningful andproperly funded policy or is the Government running scared of the ‘nanny state’label and having second thought after the Ecclestone controversy?


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