At last the tobacco industry admit that nicotine is addictive

Friday 21 March 1997
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Press ReleaseASH News Release – 21 March 1997

At last the tobacco industry admits that nicotine is addictive

ASH today welcomed the news that the American tobacco company Liggett has publicly admitted that nicotine is addictive and that smoking causes cancer.

Responding to the announcement, ASH spokesperson Amanda Sandford said:”After decades of denial and deceit, the tobacco industry is finally being forced to admit that nicotine is highly addictive and that smoking causes cancer and other diseases. The fact that Liggett is prepared to settle all outstanding lawsuits marks a major breakthrough in the tobacco war, and for all those working in public health it is a day for rejoicing.

The writing is on the wall for the tobacco industry – It can only be a matter of time before the other cigarette companies are forced to follow suit and admit that they misled their customers about the degree of harm that tobacco causes.”


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