ASH joins with health groups to call for a new Ad ban in first 30 days of new Labour Government

Thursday 10 May 2001


Immediate Release: Thursday 10 May  2001



Healthgroups unite in calling for tobacco advertising bill to be re-instatedimmediately after General Election



ASH has joined other majorhealth organisations in calling for the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion billto be re-introduced within 30 days of the new parliament following the GeneralElection.


ASH, the Cancer ResearchCampaign, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, the Royal College of Nursing and theRoyal College of Physicians will be lobbying for the Bill to be brought back toParliament as quickly as possible.  While welcoming the news that the Labour Party has committed itself tore-introducing the bill, health groups are concerned about the further delay inthe implementation of a ban on tobacco advertising and the fact that the Labourgovernment failed to honour its manifesto commitment made in 1997 to end alltobacco promotion.


John Connolly, Public AffairsManager at ASH commented: “Tobacco advertising encourages consumption andultimately costs lives.  For every daywithout an advertising ban,  eight livesare being lost. [1]  Putting an end totobacco advertising is essential if the death toll from smoking-relateddiseases is to be reduced.”





[1] Based on the Government’sconservative estimate that a tobacco advertising ban will reduce tobaccoconsumption by 2.5%, resulting in the saving of 3,000 lives per year.



Contact: John Connolly orAmanda Sandford Tel.  020 7739 5902

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