ASH comment on smoking in prisons Court of Appeal ruling

08 March 2016.  The Court of Appeal has upheld an appeal by the Government against a High Court ruling which stated that the smokefree law introduced in 2007 covered all public places and all workplaces including the prison estate. However, the Government remains committed to rolling out its plans for smokefree prisons.

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of health charity ASH said:

“The evidence is clear, the level of tobacco smoke in prisons is so high it is harmful to the health of staff and inmates, which exposes the government to compensation claims. This is the driving force behind the Ministry of Justice decision to roll out a smoking ban in all prisons in England and Wales and the Black judgement will make no difference to that decision.”


Notes and Links:

[1] For further information on the health and regulatory impacts of smoking in prisons, see the ASH Fact sheet: Smokefree Prisons