Anniversary of smokefree vote starts countdown for 3.7 million bosses.

Wednesday 14 February 2007

ASH news release:  Embargo: 00:01 Wednesday 14th February 2007
Valentine’s day is the anniversary of the House of Commons vote in favour of comprehensive smokefree legislation for England. One year later 3.7 million employers, including 200,000 pubs, clubs and restaurants are preparing to become smokefree.[1] This will make England the biggest smokefree jurisdiction in the world by population.

The anniversary of this historic vote coincides with newly released evidence confirming that exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace presents a significant risk for lung cancer in non smokers. The researchers found that workers who were highly exposed to secondhand smoke had double the risk of lung cancer, a much higher risk than previously realised. [ 2]

The Smokefree Action Coalition has compiled a resource called “Countdown to Smokefree” [3] with links to Smokefree England [4] and a regional breakdown of useful contacts, to ensure every business has the most up to date information in the run up to July 1st. ASH is reinforcing this with the launch of a new publication “Implementation of the smokefree law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland” in its new series, “Facts at a Glance”.

Deborah Arnott, Director of the health campaigning charity ASH, said:

“New research now shows that the risks of secondhand smoke are even greater than we’d previously realised. Smokefree legislation will mean that millions of workers will be protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke everyday. It will be a great day for the health of the UK when England joins the rest of the UK in going smokefree.”

Employers can keep up to date with regulations and advice by registering for updates at


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[3] Countdown to Smokefree

[4] Businesses go to Smokefree England and sign up for their newsletter:


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