ASH Daily News for 30 June 2016



  • Watchdog refuses to stub out ‘degrading’ e-cig ad

    A four-page wraparound Evening Standard ad for Blu electronic cigarettes has been cleared by the ad watchdog despite complaints that it was overtly sexual and degrading to women.

    Published in April, the front cover showed an image of the back of the nude woman with her head turned to look back towards the camera holding an e-cigarette, accompanied by the text: “Just You & blu E-cigarettes”.

    In total 13 people complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), arguing that the ad was sexist, objectified the nude woman featured and was inappropriately placed on the front of a regional newspaper where children could see it.

    ASA has now thrown out the complaints, ruling: “We considered that the ad was sensual and sexually suggestive, but was not sexually explicit. Because of the relatively mild nature of the image we did not consider that it was unsuitable to be seen by children in this context and we therefore concluded that the ad had not been placed inappropriately.”

    Under EU Tobacco Products Directive regulations, e-cigarette ads are no longer allowed across TV, radio, print (except for trade publications), and online display, although they are permitted in cinema, point of sale and sales promotions.

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    Source: Decision Marketing – 29 June 2016

  • Tayside: School first to sign up to Tobacco Free Generation pledge

    Perth Grammar School is leading the way in health promotion as the first Tayside school to sign up to Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco Free Generation.

    The school, which has more than 1,000 pupils, has a pupil-run working group who recognise the need to go beyond simply enforcing a no smoking rule in the school to provide education on tobacco and health and encourage their peers to be good role models for each other.

    As part of their efforts the school is taking part in the NHS peer educator programme.

    Through this 18% of their S1 and S2 pupils (aged 11-13) have been trained in educating their peers, and the public in general, to the dangers of smoking.

    Source: The Courier – 29 June 2016

  • Northern Ireland: Trust thanks the public for keeping sites smoke free

    The Southern Health and Social Care Trust (based in Portadown) has thanked local communities for their compliance to its new ‘Smoke Free Sites’ policy.

    The Smoke Free Sites policy was introduced on 9 March and means that smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is no longer permitted anywhere on Trust sites (i.e. entrances, doorways, walkways, buildings, internal roads, bus shelters, car parks, cars, bicycle shelters etc.)

    Source: Dromore Leader – 30 June 2016

  • US: Smoking at California state beaches and parks on way to becoming history

    A bill that would ban smoking or disposal of tobacco products at a California state owned or operated beach or park was approved today by the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee on a nine to five vote.

    SB 1333 would make it an infraction to dispose used cigarettes or waste in parks or waterways. The ban would also extend to waste from any other weed or plant used as an alternative or supplement to tobacco or nicotine. Electronic and vapor cigarettes are included in the proposed ban.

    A maximum fine of $250 is created in the bill for a violation of the law. SB 1333 also requires the Department of Parks and Recreation to post signs notifying park and beach goers of the smoking ban.

    Source: LGBT Weekly – 29 June 2016

  • US: Attempt to limit tobacco sales to adult-only stores in California thwarted

    The California House of Representatives has rejected a recently introduced anti-tobacco measure.

    The legislation, SB 1400, would have prohibited the sale of tobacco products at most retail locations in California including grocery and convenience stores.

    Under this bill, the retail sale of tobacco products would only be legal at adult-only tobacco stores. The legislation would have reduced the number of tobacco retailers in California from 30,000 to 2,200.

    Source: Convenience Store Decisions – 29 June 2016