ASH Daily News for 25 July 2016



  • BAT developing vaping standards

    British American Tobacco has announced that it is leading efforts to develop and harmonize standards around vaping products to further reassure consumers of these products’ potential ‘in reducing the harm from smoking’.

    The company said that this effort was being made against a backdrop of a growing number of electronic cigarette users globally. It cited the Ernst & Young’s May 2016 report, E-cigarettes: an emerging category, as saying that the number of electronic cigarette users in seven examined countries grew by 86 percent to 5.1 million in 2015.

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    Source: Tobacco Reporter – 22 July 2016

  • Blackpool: Dropped cigarette end cost driver £220

    A Blackpool woman has been issued with a £220 fine for throwing a cigarette butt out of her car when she was spotted by council officers in March.

    She was brought before magistrates after failing to pay the original £80 fine. The £220 cost comprised a £100 fine, £100 court costs and £20 victims’ surcharge.

    Source: Blackpool Gazette – 24 July 2016

  • Australia: Advocate says plain packaging has worked Down Under

    As Health Canada consults Canadians on the introduction of plain packing for tobacco products, Kylie Lindorff, chair of Cancer Council Australia’s Tobacco Issues Committee, talks about the experience in her country, where it was introduced in 2012.

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    Source: Ottawa Citizen – 24 July 2016

  • Zimbabwe: Tobacco production target surpassed

    Zimbabwe has surpassed last year’s 170 million kilogrammes tobacco production despite the crop being affected by drought, latest data show.

    Statistics released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) revealed that farmers have so far produced 183 million kg of tobacco earning the country a total of $537 million.

    Source: Daily News – 23 July 2016

  • Philip Morris sales of ‘heat not burn’ products in Japan

    Philip Morris’ iQOS is an electric device that heats — instead of burning — tobacco. The iQOS was launched nationwide in Japan in mid-April. Since then it has already claimed a 2.7% share of the country’s cigarette market. PMI claims that 70% of iQOS purchasers in Japan have been either “fully or predominantly” converted to it. The device is cannibalizing about 35% of PMI’s own cigarette portfolio in Japan, but the company notes that many smokers are “up-trading” to HeatSticks from cheaper brands, thus boosting its overall revenue. PMI has already launched iQOS in 10 markets. While Japan has been the best-performing market so far, other launch markets have posted similar growth.

    Source: Quad City Times – 23 July 2016

  • Russia: Shocking photo shows five-year-old boy smoking and drinking can of beer in playground

    Shocking pictures of a five-year-old boy smoking a cigarette and drinking what appears to be a can of beer have shocked internet users around the globe.

    Taken by a passer-by in the Russian city of Tyumen, in the oil-rich Oblast region, the child can be clearly seen lighting and then smoking a cigarette.

    [includes photo]

    Source: The Sun – 23 July 2016

  • Video:This is what your lungs look like after just 20 cigarettes

    Scientists have conducted an experiment, pumping the smoke from 20 cigarettes into a pair of healthy lungs. The results are pretty frightening.

    [includes video]

    Source: Business Insider – 23 July 2016