ASH Daily News 24 April 2018


  • Vaping firm Supreme to join London stock market
  • Opinion: E-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco


  • Has big tobacco finally run out of puff?
  • Greece: “Extremely rare” for non-smokers to use e-cigarettes



Vaping firm ‘Supreme’ to join London stock market 

Manchester-based ‘Supreme’ is set to become the first vaping company to list its shares on the London stock market. The company, which makes vaping liquid for e-cigarettes, plans to list its shares on AIM, a junior market on the London Stock Exchange.

Supreme, which also sells batteries and lighting products, hopes to raise around £10m to invest in the business. The company is led by chief executive Sandy Chadha, whose father set up the business in 1975. Mr Chadha said that Supreme diversified into the vaping market just four years ago and owns the KIk and Vape88 brands. However, he now expects that 60% of the company’s profit will come from the vaping division.

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Source: BBC, 23 April 2018

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Opinion: E-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco

E-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco, writes Dr Riccardo Polosa in The Parliament Magazine.

There has been much scaremongering around the increased uptake of e-cigarettes, but the science speaks for itself. This may be a new phenomenon in Europe, but for over 10 years, scientists worldwide have been evaluating electronic cigarettes.

Looking at the evidence, health professionals and decision makers shaping public health policy must acknowledge the role that e-cigarettes play in helping people quit smoking and work to dispel the misinformed news stories that surround them.

Source: The Parliament Magazine, 23 April 2018

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Has big tobacco finally run out of puff?

On Thursday, US tobacco giant Philip Morris International saw its shares plunge by as much as 18% at one point. For all the hopes that consumers will take up electronic alternatives, that doesn’t seem to be happening at a rate that’s sufficient to make up for the loss of “real” smokers.

The truth is that tobacco stocks have done well because they had a great business model. Cigarettes may kill your customers, but they do it slowly enough that you can make a lot of money out of milking the addict in between times. However, even in the UK, where vaping appears to have boomed, a lot of those users are former cigarette smokers – people are using e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, rather than taking up the vaping habit. In other words, there’s a lot of substitution, rather than new customers. In short, this is looking like a dying industry with few places left to turn.

Source: Money Week, 23 April 2018

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Greece: “Extremely rare” for non-smokers to use e-cigarettes

E-cigarette use in Greece is largely confined to current or former smokers, according to findings from a new study published in the Harm Reduction Journal. The study also shows vaping by non-smokers is “extremely rare.”

The research was carried out in Greece in the second-half of last year and involved a cross-sectional survey of 4,058 adults living in Attica. Having conducted phone interviews with participants, the prevalence and frequency of e-cigarette use were assessed according to smoker status and a logistical analysis was performed to identify correlation of use.

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Source: Vapouround Magazine, 23 April 2018

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