ASH Daily news for 22 June 2016



  • Tobacco companies suspected of dodging EU anti-smuggling rules

    Until recently the anti-smuggling system Codentify was owned by the tobacco industry. To comply with new EU legislation which specifies that the system should be independently owned, Codentify was sold to a third party.

    However, critics have said that new owner, Inexto, is a tobacco front company.

    Anna Gilmore, director of the tobacco control research group at the University of Bath, said: “Given the tobacco industry’s long history of involvement in the illicit tobacco trade, a genuinely independent system would be a threat to the industry.”

    “It is therefore attempting to have governments implement its Codentify system by setting up intermediaries and front organisations to promote Codentify.”

    Source: EU Observer, 21 June 2016

  • Vaping is better than smoking

    A piece written by Marcus Munafo, a professor of psychology at University of Bristol, and published in the Mail Online, argues that vaping is one of the greatest public health improving opportunities of the last 50 years.

    Whilst the article recognises that “nothing is entirely risk-free”, it states that the vastly reduced number of chemicals present in electronic cigarette vapour compared to tobacco smoke means we can be confident that vaping will be much, much less harmful than smoking.

    Source: Mail Online, 21 June 2016

  • Smoking may have negative effects on sperm quality

    A study published in BJU International has found that the sperm of men who smoke has a greater extent of DNA damage than that of non-smokers.

    BJI International: Analysis of the functional aspects and seminal plasma proteomic profile of sperm from smokers

    Source: Medical News Today, 21 June 2016

  • Yorkshire and the Humber: Award for fire service funded midwife safety scheme

    ‘Barnsley Babies’, a fire service funded scheme, which sees maternity units across South Yorkshire hand out specially designed thermometers to expectant parents, has been recognised with two top awards.

    As well as telling parents when their baby’s room is at the correct temperature, the devices also display important messages about topics including home fire safety and smoke free homes. Cigarettes are a major cause of house fires and smoking in pregnancy is known to increase the risk of miscarriage, still and premature birth and other complications.

    Source: Fire Magazine, 21 June 2016

  • ASH Daily News: Correction

    In yesterdays ASH Daily News we included a study by researchers in Minnesota which considered the link between anti-smoking campaigns and prevalence of Parkinson’s disease.

    This was linked to the incorrect research. Please see here for the correct link.

    Jama: Time Trends in the Incidence of Parkinson Disease