ASH Daily News for 21 July 2016



  • Documents reveal oil and tobacco industries’ history of working together

    New documents released by the Center for International Environmental Law, show that the oil and tobacco industries have worked collaboratively for over a half-century.

    The CIEL writes on its website that the internal documents “demonstrate that each industry saw in the other a convenient culprit for environmental cancers. Ironically, this mutual finger-pointing not only gave each industry a convenient opportunity to watch and learn from the other’s strategies, it also increased the overall public uncertainty about the causes of cancer and the necessary solutions to the benefit of both industries”.

    Source: Huffington Post, 20 July 2016

  • Parents worry more about sexting than smoking

    A survey carried out by YouGov, for the PSHE Association, has found that 78% of parents were either fairly concerned or very concerned about their children sexting, whilst 67% worried about their children smoking.

    Source: The Times, 21 July 2016

  • Tobacco company removes gantry from store selling illicit tobacco

    A shop in London has had its Japan Tobacco International owned gantry removed after it was found to be selling illicit tobacco.

    This is the 25th time JTI has removed a gantry from a shop found to be selling illegal tobacco.

    Source: Convenience Store, 19 July 2016

  • France considers ban on cigarettes which are ‘too cool’

    Tobacco firms are demanding clarification of draft public health laws which are considering banning some tobacco brands because they are “too cool”.

    Source: The Guardian, 20 July 2016

  • Korea: Court upholds smoking ban on restaurants

    The Korean Constitutional Court has ruled that a ban on smoking in all restaurants, a measure that has been in place since January 2015, is constitutional.

    Source: The Korea Herald, 21 July 2106