ASH Daily news for 2 June 2016



  • Women trying to quit smoking should stop in the second half of their monthly cycle, researchers claim

    A study published in the journal Biology of Sex Differences reports that women who want to quit smoking are more likely to be successful during the second half of their menstrual cycle.

    It is hoped that a better understanding of how hormone levels affect smoking cessation can lead to treatments to help people quit.

    Biology of Sex Differences: Influence of menstrual cycle phase on resting-state functional connectivity in naturally cycling, cigarette-dependent women

    Source: Mail Online, 01 June 2016

  • Lincolnshire: Trust to ban smoking in alignment with NICE guidance

    Patients and visitors to Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust will not be allowed to smoke on site from the end of June, when the site becomes completely smokefree. Electronic cigarettes will be permitted in some outdoor areas.

    Ian Jerams, trust director of operations, said that whilst the changes were likely to be a challenge for some patients and staff, the trust would be doing all it could to support quitting.

    He said: “Currently our inpatient nurses devote a lot of their time to escorting patients to designated smoking areas and we’d like this time to be spent on providing therapeutic activities. Help will include nicotine replacement therapy and behavioural support, and basic advice and signposting to other support will also be offered. In addition to this, a group of staff who work with inpatients have been trained to deliver more intensive smoking cessation support.”

    Source: Nursing in Practice, 02 June 2016

  • Manchester: smoking-related deaths revealed

    A report published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre shows that Manchester has the highest rates of smoking-related deaths in the country.

    However, it also found that Mancunians were some of the keenest quitters in England. A prescription for stop smoking medicines was issued for one in every 31 people in Manchester, compared to a national rate of one prescription for every 40 residents.

    Source: Manchester Evening News, 01 June 2016

  • Tobacco Retailers Alliance spokesman speaks out against anti-tobacco laws

    Councillor Suleman Khonat, the national speaker for the Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance (TRA) has written on the Conservative Home website criticising “the war against tobacco”.

    [Editorial Note: The Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance (TRA) is a tobacco industry funded campaign group, representing UK independent retailers selling tobacco]

    Source: Asian Trader, 01 June 2016

  • US: Broad support for increasing legal age of tobacco sales

    Researchers from the University of North Carolina and East Carolina University report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that in all nine regions of the country, a majority of adults supported increasing the minimum legal age for tobacco product sales.

    The study comes as two states, California and Hawaii, have recently moved to increase the legal age of tobacco sales to 21.

    American Journal of Preventive Medicine: Raising the legal age of tobacco sales

    Source: Science Daily, 01 June 2016