ASH Daily News for 14 October 2015



  • Wales: Fewer teenagers drinking and smoking
  • Ireland: Smokers to pay more for tobacco
  • Scotland: Number of stop-smoking products dispensed falls
  • St Helens: Fire safety campaign after man dies
  • Gloucester: False wall found in tobacco and cigarette raid

    Wales: Fewer teenagers drinking and smoking

    The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Ruth Hussey, has published her annual report on the health of the country, revealing a significant fall in smoking and drinking rates among teenagers to record low levels. Among 15 and 16 year olds in Wales, 8% of boys and 9% of girls smoke.

    Dr Hussey said: “In the 1990s there was concern across many countries that young people were smoking and drinking excessively.”

    “The significant fall is fantastic news. Often teenagers are criticised for many things but we should celebrate this fact and take lessons from them too.

    “Too many adults continue to have unhealthy lifestyles and have significant levels of preventable disease.”

    – Full Report: Chief Medical, Officer for Wales, Annual Report: 2014-15 Healthier, Happier, Fairer

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    Source: BBC News, 14 October 2015

    Ireland: Smokers to pay more for tobacco

    In yesterday’s Budget, Irish Minister for Finance Micheal Noonan announced that smokers will have to pay an extra 50 cent (37p) on 20 cigarettes. The measure came into force at midnight on Tuesday and will raise an estimated additional €61.4 million in a full year.

    Kathleen O’Meara, ICS head of advocacy and communications, said: “The Irish Cancer Society is pleased that cigarette price is continuing to rise and by such large amounts.

    “It sends a strong signal to the tobacco industry that the Government is serious about reaching its target of a smoke-free Ireland by 2025. This year’s hike will encourage people to stop smoking and ultimately save lives.”

    – Full budget speech: Michael Noonan: Full Budget 2016 speech, Irish Times

    Source: Irish Examiner, 14 October 2015

    Scotland: Number of stop-smoking products dispensed falls

    The recently published Scottish Household Survey 2014 found that the number of stop-smoking products dispensed by the NHS in Scotland dropped by a third last year. Experts believe the rapid rise in the use of e-cigarettes as an alternative means of quitting is “a plausible explanation” for the decline. The Survey also found that 1 in 20 adults in Scotland now use electronic cigarettes and about a third of all smokers and recent ex-smokers reported using one to help them to quit.

    – Full Survey Results: Scottish Household Survey 2014

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    Source: The Times (£), 13 October 2015

    St Helens: Fire safety campaign after man dies

    Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service have launched a fire safety campaign after a man died in a serious house fire caused by a lit cigarette in September. The service has delivered fire safety leaflets to 350 homes and have carried out 77 Home Fire Safety Checks.

    Group Manager Gary Oakford said: “People are urged to ensure they stub out their cigarettes properly and to always use a proper ashtray that will not topple over.”

    “We also ask people not to throw hot ash or lit cigarettes in the bin. People should also never smoke in bed as it is easy to fall asleep and drop a lit cigarette.”

    Source: The Reporter: St Helens, 13 October 2015

    Gloucester: False wall found in tobacco and cigarette raid

    Gloucestershire Trading Standards have found illicit cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco concealed behind a false wall during a raid on a local store.

    Source: Gloucester Citizen, 13 October 2015