ASH Daily News for 12 July 2016



  • Public health spending set to fall by 9%

    Councils are planning to reduce expenditure on public health by more than £243m in 2016-17 as part of total cuts of nearly £1bn, a Local Government Chronicle analysis of spending plans has found.

    Stop smoking services and substance misuse treatment for adultes saw the largest percentage falls in planned spend at 26% and 27% respectively.

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    Source: LGC – 05 July 2016

  • Tunbridge Wells taxi drivers could be banned from smoking e-cigarettes

    The licensing committee at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council unanimously voted to consult people on the matter of e-cigarettes and vaping in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles

    It will be part of an already planned Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy review scheduled for later this year or next.

    Source: Kent and Sussex Courier – 11 July 2016

  • Kettering hospital apologises to residents unhappy with aftermath of smoking ban

    Hospital bosses have apologised to residents unhappy with the consequences of smoking being banned from anywhere on the site.

    Kettering General Hospital (KGH) went entirely smoke free last month as part of its plans to contribute to improved public health and well-being.

    But the increase in littering and the amount of smoking wafting through their garden following the introduction of the smoke-free policy has upset some people living nearby.

    Source: Northamptonshire Telegraph – 12 July 2016

  • Cambridge: Mum’s call for play area smoke ban

    Singer-Songwriter and mother Annie Dressner is leading calls for a ban on smoking in playgrounds with a petition that has now gathered over 2,000 signatures.

    The New Yorker, who has lived in Cambridge for three years, launched her campaign after a mum lit up on a seesaw next to her one-year-old son.

    ASH has welcomed the petition but stressed the power to enforce a playground ban is down to councils, not government.

    ASH chief executive Deborah Arnott said:”I quite understand why this mother feels so strongly about smoking in play areas that she’s started a petition for a law change.

    “Tobacco smoke is smelly and unpleasant, children don’t like it and shouldn’t have to put up with it.

    “Local authorities can and should act to make children’s play areas smoke-free, as many already have. There’s strong public support for this and it doesn’t need national legislation.”

    Source: Morning Star – 12 July 2016

  • Tayside: E-cigarettes to be allowed on NHS grounds

    NHS Tayside has updated its smoking policy, and is now permitting the use of e-cigarettes within the Board’s grounds.

    The decision was taken following the emerging evidence that e-cigarettes can help people to reduce their use of tobacco and that e-cigarettes are likely to be less harmful to health than smoking tobacco.

    Source: Guide and Gazette – 12 July 2016

  • Canada: Uruguay’s tobacco victory encourages plain-pack proponents

    Canada’s efforts to force tobacco manufacturers to use plain packaging will get a boost from a recent legal decision on similar measures in Uruguay, health advocates said on Monday.

    Rob Cunningham, a senior policy analyst with the Canadian Cancer Society, called the decision just the latest in a string of international defeats for the tobacco industry on the controversial issue of plain packaging.

    He said the ruling will provide a very helpful precedent for Canada and other countries in response to industry arguments.

    Source: Global News – 11 July 2016

  • US: White Sox Chris Sale says Tony Gwynn’s death motivated him to quit chewing tobacco

    Baseball player Tony Gwynn’s death left a major impression on Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale.

    Gwynn died in 2014 as a result of salivary gland cancer, a diagnosis he argued was in part due to a chewing tobacco habit.

    Speaking ahead of the 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, Sale explained that Gwynn’s death pushed him to stop using tobacco.

    Source: Bleacher Report – 11 Jluy 2016