ASH Daily news for 08 June 2016


ASH Daily news for 08 June 2016


  • Charities warn that 250,000 people will die from preventable conditions by 2025

    A new report published by the Richmond Group warns that 250,000 people will die from preventable conditions, such as coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, chronic lung disease, arthritis and dementia by 2025. Deaths that could be avoided by cutting smoking, harmful alcohol consumption, poor diet and physical inactivity.

    The report estimated that 2,450 deaths could be avoided by an increase in tobacco tax, whilst there would be an estimated 26,000 fewer deaths if food was regulated to reduce salt, sugar and portion sizes.

    Richmond Group: Living longer, living well: How we can achieve the World Health Organization’s ‘25 by 25’ goals in the UK

    Source: Express, 07 June 2016

  • Scotland: Encouraging youngsters to become tobacco-free generation

    A Life Explored, a Fife based childcare charity become the first residential childcare provider in Scotland to endorse the country’s Charter for a Tobacco Free Generation.

    Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation is an initiative from health charity Action on Smoking and Health Scotland to help deliver a tobacco-free generation of Scots by 2034.

    Source: The Courier, 07 June 2016

  • US: People can’t stop laughing at anti-standardised packaging advert and its ‘terrible’ Australian accents

    An American lobby group, Property Rights Alliance, has released a video attacking Australia’s standardised packaging laws.

    The video has been criticised for its claim and its dubious Australian accent. One viewer commented on the video “that accent is about as authentic and credible as the ‘facts’ alleged.”

    Paul Grogan, Director of Public Policy at Cancer Council Australia said the clips betrayed the desperation of tobacco proponents to stop plain packaging legislation spreading throughout the world.

    Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, 07 June 2016

  • Research report: Who thinks what about e-cigarette regulation? A content analysis of UK newspapers

    A research report published in the journal Addiction, considers how frequently different types of stakeholders were cited in the UK media debate about electronic cigarette regulation, their stances towards different forms of electronic cigarette regulation, and what rationales they employed in justifying those stances.

    [Open access]

    Source: Addiction, July 2016