ASH Daily News for 06 September 2016



  • E-cigarette ads may cause children to underestimate smoking risks – study

    E-cigarette advertising may be leading children to believe occasional tobacco smoking is not harmful, and is potentially prompting more young people to experiment with smoking, a study has claimed.

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University of North Carolina recruited more than 400 English children for the study.

    Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Ash, said: “The most recent survey found the lowest recorded smoking rates among children ever: only 18% of 11- to 15-year-olds had tried smoking in 2014 compared with 42% in 2003.

    “It doesn’t look like e-cigarette advertising has had an impact on smoking uptake so far, and from May this year all TV, radio and newspaper advertising has been banned anyway.”

    See also:
    – What is the impact of e-cigarette adverts on children’s perceptions of tobacco smoking? An experimental study, BMJ

    Source: The Guardian – 06 September 2016

  • Calderdale: Council set to ban smoking outside public buildings

    On Monday, September 12 the council’s Cabinet will be asked to support recommendations from the Adults, Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel to encourage people to stop smoking as it plans to back the Breathe 2025 campaign.

    This would mean banning smoking in the grounds of council buildings and outside building entrances by January 2017 and removing smoking shelters from outside all council buildings.

    Similar recommendations have also been made to Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust about their buildings.

    Source: Huddersfield Daily Examiner – 05 September 2016

  • Bradford: Call for softer line on ‘vaping’

    Bradford Council is being urged to become “vape user friendly” by members of the council’s Conservative group.

    The call comes on the back of research published by Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians surrounding e-cigarettes.

    Source: Telegraph & Argus – 06 September 2016

  • JTI launches new gantry solution for e cigarettes

    JTI is launching a new gantry to support the e-cigarette category. The first of its kind, the modification includes dedicated space for e-cigarettes built into the tobacco gantry.

    The new-look gantries have been trialed by a number of retailers.

    Source: Asian Trader – 05 September 2016

  • Rwanda to pursue stronger tax measures against tobacco products

    The ministry of health and the ministry of finance are planning to see how tobacco taxation can be further increased. This comes after an 11% reduction in consumption since the tobacco taxation policy was started.

    Studies have shown that increasing tobacco prices by 10% will reduce consumption by 8%in low and middle income countries.

    Based on the retail price from 2015, the taxation now stands at 36% i.e. an extra Rwf 20 on each tobacco packet sold at the market.

    Source: Asoko Insight – 05 September 2016

  • Myanmar: Anti-tobacco law to be upgraded with harsher punishments, fines

    One decade after a law to control tobacco use went into effect, the government is finally pledging to enforce the legislation. Violators could face increased fines and even prison time, health officials warn.

    Source: Myanmar Times – 06 September 2016

  • Zimbabwe: High Court stubs out cigarette brand war

    Businessman Mr Simon George Rudland and his company Livera Trading (Pvt) Limited have been barred from packaging and selling cigarettes bearing the brand name “RG” on the Zimbabwean market.

    Cigarettes bearing the name “RG” had flooded the market thereby prejudicing the owners of the “Remington Gold” brand that is also shortened as “RG” on the tobacco market.

    Savanna Tobacco is the licensed manufacturer and distributor of Remington Gold cigarettes in Zimbabwe.

    Source: All Africa – 05 September 2016