ASH Daily News for 02 September 2016



  • Northamptonshire: Man’s death from drinking liquid nicotine is the fifth ever recorded in the world

    A Northamptonshire Coroner has issued a warning following the death of a 32-year-old man from Rushden who died after drinking liquid nicotine and consuming large quantities of alcohol.

    Giving his evidence Dr Stephen Morley, at Leicester Royal Infirmary said the alcohol content in his body would have been three times over the legal limit to drive a car and said when the paramedics found him it would have been even higher.

    The death of Clinton Elliott Field from ingesting liquid nicotine is so rare there have only been three or fourt deaths like this recorded in the world.

    Source: Northampton Herald & Post 01 September 2016

  • Halton: Smoking cessation clinic in Widnes designed to help residents quit

    A partnership has been launched by Halton Council and the charity Citizens Advice Halton in a bid to help smokers in the borough to quit smoking. Weekly smoking cessation clinics will take place at the Citizens Advice office in Widnes.

    Source: Liverpool Echo 01 September 2016

  • USA: Two-thirds of Americans don’t want tobacco on drug store shelves

    A survey of nearly 4,300 adults across the USA shows that two-thirds of Americans think tobacco products don’t belong on pharmacy shelves, including half of those who are smokers.

    They were asked: “Do you favour or oppose banning the sale of all tobacco products in retail pharmacy stores?”

    More than 66% of respondents said they were strongly or somewhat in favour of a ban. 14% strongly opposed such a ban.

    Access full research here.

    Source: Medical Xpress 01 September 2016

  • New research to examine impact of e-cigarettes on heart health

    The British Heart Foundation is funding a new study at Dundee University comparing the effects of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes on smokers’ heart health.

    The two year study will test the effects of both cigarettes and e-cigarettes on volunteers’ blood vessel function.

    Source: Convenience Store 01 September 2016

  • Banned from ads, tobacco companies use cigarette sticks for marketing

    In many countries, tobacco companies face restrictions on advertising, including on cigarette packs. Researchers say this leaves the cigarette itself as an important “branding” medium.

    Nearly all tobacco companies decorate cigarette sticks in order to enhance their appeal to smokers and possible future smokers, despite the banning of advertising.

    The study team collected 3232 cigarette packs from 44 cities in selected countries and assessed one cigarette from each pack. They found that there was some form of branding on virtually every cigarette in the study and 97% of the sticks featured a brand name or logo. Colours on the package were also carried over to cigarette sticks 95% of the time and 13% of samples featured a design or decoration matching the pack.

    Source: MD Alert 01 September 2016

  • Current cigarette smoking, access, and purchases from retail outlets among students

    Data from the Global Youth Tobacco Survey conducted in 45 countries in 2013 and 2014 identified sex and cross-country differences in the prevalence of cigarette smoking among students aged 13–15 years.

    The median overall current cigarette smoking prevalence among students was 6.8%; the median prevalence among boys was 9.7%, and among girls was 3.5%.

    In most countries, approximately half of youths reported access to cigarettes from a store, street vendor or kiosk. In the majority of countries assessed in the African and South-East Asia regions, approximately 40% of smokers aged 13–15 years reported purchasing individual cigarettes.

    Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 02 September 2016