ASH Daily News for 29 January 2019


  • Tracy Brabin MP: Why I want to change the law to stub out smoking on NHS hospital grounds
  • Hampshire: NHS launches campaign to reduce smoking rates
  • Hereford shop owner jailed for selling illicit tobacco


  • Opinion: Time is ripe to boost China’s smokefree city campaign



Tracy Brabin MP: Why I want to change the law to stub out smoking on NHS hospital grounds

In an opinion piece in the Yorkshire Post, Tracy Brabin, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, discusses the Ten Minute Rule bill she is introducing in Parliament today, 29th January, which proposes to ban smoking on all hospital grounds in England:

“Smoking in hospital grounds has long been a divisive issue – there are those who loathe facing plumes of smoke as they enter hospital buildings, and others who cannot wait to get outside to light up. But the impact goes way beyond an unpleasant odour in the entrance. That’s is why I’m calling on the Government to support our NHS trusts to make hospitals smoke-free and to catch-up with legislation in Wales and Scotland.

This issue is the subject of a Ten Minute Rule Bill I am proposing today in Parliament which I’m hoping will gain enough support from other MPs to eventually become law… Our country has already taken great steps in raising public awareness about the risks and harm of smoking, and I doubt there are many children who are not aware that smoking is linked to cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

Yet in hospitals, the very places we go to recover from our ills, people smoke freely right outside the front door. To me it undermines the role of the hospital as a health promoter… I want to see this legislation as part of a package that includes support for smokers to quit or abstain from smoking – and receive encouragement to do so while on hospital grounds… This is wider than simply installing ‘no smoking’ signs. It’s about creating a culture than is in favour of quitting.”

Source: The Yorkshire Post, 29 January 2019

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Hampshire: NHS launches campaign to reduce smoking rates

The Quit4Life campaign has been launched in Gosport to support residents to quit smoking. According to figures 19.6% of adults in Gosport are smokers – 5.2% higher than the county average.

The campaign will include one-to-one support to help people quit, and will target workplaces and schools to educate people about the harms of smoking and the best ways to quit.

Julia Robson, clinical service manager from Quit4Life, said: “Smoking is heavily linked to poverty and deprivation. If you are surrounded by other smokers then it is harder to quit – and easier to start. It’s a tough cycle to break, especially if your close friends or parents are smokers… the network of support is there with the NHS and we are determined to make a difference.”

Source: The Portsmouth News, 28 January 2019

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Hereford shop owner jailed for selling illicit tobacco

The owner of a Hereford shop has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to offences relating to the sale of illicit tobacco.

Worcester Crown Court was told that a successful raid took place in October 2018 by trading standards and West Mercia Police, with help from Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service. Nearly 13,000 illegal cigarettes and 9kg of illegal hand rolling tobacco were seized, amounting to £7,000 worth of tobacco duty evasion.

The county council says it is committed to combatting the sale of illegal tobacco, and the prison sentence reflects the seriousness of the crime.

Source: Worcestershire News, 28th January 2019

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Opinion: Time is ripe to boost China’s smokefree city campaign

In an opinion piece in China Daily, Jiang Yuan, former director of the Tobacco Control Office under the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, discusses the smokefree cities agenda in China:

“Among the many policy tools that address tobacco use, enforcing a complete indoor smoking ban has proven to be effective in protecting people from the harm of secondhand smoke, even when other measures are being taken to gradually reduce the prevalence of tobacco smoking. Other benefits of such a ban include reduced health burdens as a result of tobacco use and potentially lower tobacco consumption.

It is with this rationale that more than 20 Chinese cities have enacted various forms of indoor smoking bans since 2005, when China’s National People’s Congress ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, or so-called tier-1 cities, have been pioneers. A sea change has taken place and is continuing across these cities, where indoor smoking bans are being enforced rigorously by local authorities and embraced by increasingly appreciative local populations…

I’d like to call on more cities, more mayors and more populations across different localities to join the cause of tobacco control, particularly by opting for the proven policy of enacting and enforcing strict indoor smoking bans. With increasing awareness of the right to health without the harm of tobacco, I’m confident the time is ripe to scale up a smoke-free city campaign across China.”

Source: China Daily, 28 January 2019

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