Annual local authority tobacco control report

About the reports

These reports are written by ASH and funded by Cancer Research UK. They look at the state of funding for, and provision of, tobacco control measures and smoking cessation services in England. The reports set out the results from surveys of tobacco control leads from the 152 local authorities in England with responsibility for public health.

The reports’ context

The reports have been conducted since 2015, monitoring tobacco control and smoking cessation provision since the transfer of public health responsibility from the NHS to local authorities in 2013, under the Health and Social Care Act 2012.


2019: A Changing Landscape: Stop smoking services and tobacco control in England 
2018: Feeling the Heat: The decline of Stop Smoking Services in England
2017: Cutting Down: The Reality of Budget Cuts to Local Tobacco Control
2016: Reading Between the Lines
2015: Taking a Reading