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EU introduces revolutionary new tracking system for cigarette packs today

EU introduces revolutionary new tracking system for cigarette packs today From today all cigarette packs manufactured in, or imported into, the EU (including the UK) must be marked with unique codes enabling identification and tracing of any cigarettes which are being sold illegally. [1] There is a 12 month sell-through period during which supplies of […]

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Big Tobacco Faces New Legal Threat from Employees Given Free Cigarettes Now Sick from Smoking

British American Tobacco (BAT) and the other tobacco companies face a new legal threat today from former employees who were given free cigarettes so encouraging them to smoke, a practice which ASH has discovered was commonplace. In the early 1980s the tobacco industry employed over 30,000 employees in manufacturing alone.[1] Some, including former salesman Simon […]

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Cuts to local funding for smokers requires national Government action

Government cuts to public health budgets mean that only half of local authorities offer all smokers the best support to quit – a new report from Action on Smoking and Health and Cancer Research UK has found. Smoking rates for adults are still falling but they have plateaued for some groups, notably pregnant women, and […]

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World Bank cites UK as example of how tobacco taxes can be used to increase government revenues and improve public health

A major new World Bank report launched today in Thailand [1] puts paid to the tobacco industry argument that when governments raise tobacco taxes it increases the illicit trade in tobacco, damaging government revenues and public health. To quote the report, “Countries as different in levels of economic and institutional development as the United Kingdom, […]

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Comment on NHS England press release: NHS plan will help problem drinkers and smokers

4 January 2019 Please find below the press release from NHS England about the dedicated help for smokers to quit included in the NHS Long Term Plan and quotes about this commitment from Paul Burstow co-chair of the Mental Health & Smoking Partnership and Dr Clea Harmer, co-chair of the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group. […]

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