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Smoking Cessation

ASH response to consultation on Public Health England

ASH response to a consultation on Public Health England.

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Nicotine and Addiction

A comprehensive look at why and how nicotine is so addictive. This fact sheet examines the mental and physical aspects of nicotine addiction.  Jan 2016.

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Smoking cessation in pregnancy – a review of the challenge

This report reviews progress made against each recommendation listed in the first Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy – a call to action report.

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ASH/NCSCT letter re prescribing nicotine containing products

A joint letter from ASH and NCSCT to local councils regarding the prescribing of nicotine-containing products whilst ensuring compliance with Article 5.3 of the FCTC.        

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Stopping smoking: the benefits and aids to quitting

The health benefits of stopping smoking start within hours of putting out the last cigarette.  Using a combination of medication and behavioural support can substantially increase the chances of successfully quitting.  Sept 2014.

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Stopping smoking: ASH’s top tips

ASH’s top tips to help you stop smoking.  Sept 2014.

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Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy – A call to action

Smoking during pregnancy causes up to 2,200 premature births, 5,000 miscarriages and 300 perinatal deaths every year in the UK. This report, by a coalition of baby charities, campaigners, leading academics and health experts, outlines recommendations for commissioners, providers, royal colleges, government bodies, training organisations and third sector organisations.

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