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Cost Benefit Analysis of the FCTC Protocol on Illicit Trade in tobacco products.

This report assesses the likely costs and benefits of implementing the Illicit Trade Protocol in the UK. A report prepared by Paul Johnson for ASH.  2009

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‘You’ve got to be kidding’

A compelling dossier of BAT’s activities in promoting its tobacco products to young people around the globe.    

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British American Tobacco: Exporting Misery

A case-study of BAT’s efforts to promote smoking abroad, using Kenya as a case-study and focusing on the environmental damage and exploitation of cheap labour they are responsible for, as well as the use of methods that are no longer legal in this country or many other developed nations in recruiting new nicotine addicts.

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Smoking in the Workplace

The Government has published proposals to prohibit smoking in most workplaces in England. The law is expected to come into effect in 2007. Scotland has already passed legislation to ban smoking in all indoor workplaces: the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act takes effect in March 2006. The Welsh Assembly has voted in favour of smokefree workplaces […]

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BAT in its own words

Following BAT’s Big Wheeze in 2004, this is the second major report jointly produced by ASH, Christian Aid and Friends of the Earth. It examines British American Tobacco’s boasts of corporate social responsibility and demonstrates the deceit and corporate greed behind this projected image.

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BAT’s Big Wheeze – the alternative report

A major report jointly produced by ASH, Christian Aid and Friends of the Earth examining the British American Tobacco’s claims of being a socially responsible company. This report shows that though BAT tries hard to convince shareholders and governments of its CSR credentials, its operations around the world leave a lot to be desired.

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Danger! PR in the playground: tobacco industry initiatives on youth smoking

Tobacco companies have adopted a public posture of opposition to teenage smoking. This report reveals why this stance amounts to little more than a sinister and cynical public relations strategy.

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Tobacco Additives: Cigarette engineering and nicotine addiction

In the European Union over 600 additives may be used in the manufacture of tobacco products under an extremely loose and de-centralised regulatory framework. Although tobacco additives are generally screened for their direct toxicity, there is virtually no assessment of the impact additives have on smoking behaviour or other undesirable external consequences. If a small quantity of a relatively benign […]

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Low Tar Cigarettes

Why Low Tar Cigarettes Don’t Work and How the Tobacco Industry Has Fooled the Smoking Public.

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