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Created by ASH, the Faculty of Public Health, the Local Government Association, FRESH North East, Healthier Futures and Public Health Action, the Local Toolkit is a set of materials for local public health professionals. The materials are designed to use with Councillors and other stakeholders to help ensure that tackling tobacco use is high on the local public health agenda.

Together these resources will allow you to:

  • demonstrate the scale of the harm locally caused by tobacco use and the contribution this makes to health inequalities,
  • demonstrate the cost to local communities, local economies and service providers,
  • demonstrate the evidence of effectiveness of local action on tobacco and health, including tobacco control work and local stopsmoking services.

The materials are designed for you easily to integrate local data from local tobacco control profiles and from the ASH Ready Reckoner, a tool for demonstrating the local economic impacts of smoking and tobacco use.

Making the case for strong local tobacco control
This document is designed to help you make the case for evidence based local tobacco control.

Ready Reckoner tool 2018
Calculate the local costs of smoking with our Ready Reckoner. It’s an easy to use Excel spreadsheet that provides estimates of the local cost of smoking to smokers, the NHS and society at large. The estimates are based on national data and you can see notes on the tool’s methodology here. For local authorities that want to publicise the impact of smoking on their area, ASH has prepared this template press release using local figures.
You can download an excel version of the Ready Reckoner following this link.

Councillors’ briefings
This is a series of short papers for key Councillors including members of Health and Wellbeing Boards and Health Scrutiny Committees.

Health Inequalities Resource Pack
A set of materials to help reduce smoking rates among people experiencing health inequalities.

FCTC Article 5.3 toolkit
A set of materials to help you protect public health policies from the influence of the tobacco industry.

The Cost to Social Care
ASH commissioned research that estimates the cost of smoking to the social care system.

A series of webinars providing up-to-date information on a range of key topic areas.

Selection of slide packs
A selection of slide decks for you to use and adapt to share key tobacco control messaging.

Local public opinion
Short digests of public opinion by region on key tobacco issues.

Making the Case for Mental Health
A set of over 20 slides on smoking and mental health. These slides are designed so you can use them in creating local presentations.

Annual Tobacco Control Report
Feeling the Heat: The decline of stop smoking services in England (January 2018)
Cutting Down: The Reality of Budget Cuts to Local Tobacco Control (November 2016)
Reading Between the Lines (January 2016)
Taking a Reading (2015)
Reports written by ASH and commissioned by CRUK, on the impact of public health transition on tobacco control and smoking cessation services in England.

Local tobacco alliance resources
A set of materials to support the development of new tobacco control alliances and provide information for those planning to renew or refresh their alliance.

Deaths caused by smoking each year in England (hi-resolution version)

External Resources

Local tobacco profiles
Local data on key indicators for your PCT and local government areas (external link)

Tobacco plan for England
View a pdf version of Towards a Smokefree Generation: A Tobacco Control Plan for England.

NICE Guidance on Smoking
A collection of public health and clinical guidance on smoking related issues (ASH website).

Public Health England’s JSNA Toolkit
PHE’s JSNA support pack helps local areas develop joint strategic needs assessments and local joint health and wellbeing strategies that effectively address public health issues relating to alcohol, drug and tobacco use.

Regional Office and Support Contacts

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Yorkshire and the Humber: Scott Crosby

If you have any query about these pages, please contact enquiries@ash.org.uk

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