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Smoking & Health Inequalities

ASH Briefing: Health inequalities and smoking

This briefing explains why smoking is a major contributory factor and what can be done to reduce health inequalities caused by smoking.

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House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee: Inquiry into Government Proposals on Business Rates – ASH Submission

ASH’s submission focuses on what the effect of these proposals might have on: (a) Differences in outcomes in richer and poorer areas and inter-authority competition and (b) the long-term future of redistribution to poorer areas and impacts on development.

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Evidence to the Health Select Committee Inquiry: Impact of Comprehensive Spending Review on health and social care

ASH’s response to the Health Select Committee inquiry into the impact of the Comprehensive Spending Review on  health and social care.

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Tobacco and Ethnic Minorities

Smoking rates vary considerably between ethnic groups and within groups they vary by gender.

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